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Bartons Mill Pub & Dining History

To the west of The Street in Old Basing are the river course and flood plains of the River Loddon...

On its northern bank is our Bartons Mill Pub & Dining of which the timber-framed part of this historic building dates principally from the late 17th century and is clad in elm boarding on the upper-storey. Attached to the west of the mill building is an early 19th century house in red brick with sash windows. The former mill, in its river setting, is prominent in the views north along the Loddon. 

It was last working in 1965 although it remained a private residence until December 1979 when it opened it doors as a restaurant. It is situated on the River Lodden and has a private lake in its garden. Bartons Mill Pub & Dining is surrounded by the beauty of wildlife and nature just a few minutes from the busy town of Basingstoke.

Beautifully renovated recently to seamlessly merge The Bartons Mill Restaurant and The Mill Stone Pub to create Bartons Mill Pub & Dining this site lovingly retains the characterful features of its historical past.